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Rome Markets Tour - private tour

Rome Markets Tour - private tour

Private Tour of Rome’s Market, you will not only discover the history of Rome and its culinary traditions: you will actually taste the local food!

  3 hours    LazioRome   $310 for two people


Duration: Three Hours

Type Of Service: Tour of Rome's Markets - private tour

During our Private Tour of Rome’s Market, you will not only discover the history of Rome and its culinary traditions: you will actually taste the local food!

You will be joined by a private guide: she is a local and she knows the best places to taste delicious specialties in Rome. During your food tour in Rome, you will walk with your private guide through medieval cobblestone alleys and stop at the local Campo de’ Fiori food market. In the area of Campo de' Fiori, you will taste different types of olive oil, balsamic vinegar, traditional Italian gelato (ice cream) or local pastries. While you taste, your private guide will explain to you the products’ origins, their importance in Italian cooking and many other fun facts about Italian food!

Next, in your private tour of Rome’s market, you will go to a traditional bakery called a “Forno” in Italian. Inside this food, heaven bakers make delicious crispy pizza, Roman style, with amazing toppings made with premium natural ingredients. What food tour in Rome would be complete without trying some pizza and finding out what makes the Roman brand of this Italian food staple distinct?

During this private tour of Rome’s Market, you will have a bonus: a visit to the nearby Jewish district. Located in the Rione Sant’Angelo borough, near the river Tiber, the Jewish Ghetto of Rome was established in 1555 and today is one of the most picturesque areas of the city. Walking through its medieval cobblestone alleys, you will also see the remains of this structure built to honor of his sister Octavia. Your journey through the flavors of Rome will continue also in the Jewish district, where you will have the opportunity to stop in a local shop and taste different types of jams. A day of memories, great food, and a full stomach.

Things to know:

  • Private walking tour with English-speaking guide
  • Explore and experience Campo de’ Fiori market
  • Learn about Rome's food and culture heritage as you explore
  • Taste Roman Pizza at Forno Bakery
  • Sample a large variety of Italian delicacies
  • Explore the cobblestone streets of the Jewish district in Riore Sant'Angelo
  • The cost of tastings included in tour price
  • Wear comfortable walking or tennis shoes
  • Meeting Point:  Farnese Square, Rome – more details given upon booking



Pricing & Booking

Cost of this private 3-hour tour with tasting fees is $310.00 for 2 people.
The prices listed above are an
 estimate based on the daily exchange rate with the Euro. Due to the fluctuation in the Euro, the prices are subject to vary by up to 5% (usually a decrease, occasionally an increase). The precise price is confirmed upon booking following the procedures below. Please be sure to review the pricing upon booking.

Booking Procedures and details: Upon hitting the “book now” button, you can choose your date and time, and look over the cancellation policy (terms and conditions), and preview the precise pricing. Once you have entered your details, L&B Italian tours will request your credit card number. We will not charge your credit card until we have confirmed the details for your reservations, this usually happens within 24-48 hours for tours and up to 4 days for trip packages. Once the card is charged your reservation is confirmed. Along with the confirmation, you will get a complete recap of your booking that includes maps, meeting places, times and contact numbers.

Please note: L&B Italian Tours has an on-call operator in Italy, in the event that anything changes or you have problems in Italy, you can contact us easily. 


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