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Meet Our Team at L&B Italian Tours

L&B Italian Tours is a boutique company servicing Italy in its entirety. We sell single luxury experiences, a la carte; impeccably crafted travel packages; Or with our concierge service, we will completely plan, customize and book your dream trip. Our comprehensive services include ground transportation, expert local guides, villa rental, cooking classes, wine tastings, extraordinary VIP experiences and so much more.

It is a prerequisite that as travel experts we have lived in Italy, speak the language and are passionate about what we do. Our travel experts will combine their wisdom with your preferences to customize each service. Together, we create a product that offers you a completely authentic and fulfilling Italian experience.

At L&B we create personal relationships with every tour and driver guide service we work with so we know you are receiving First-class service throughout your trip. 

What makes our private tours so popular is that our guides love their job, and their beautiful country. They are always excited to share their extensive knowledge on culture, art, history and of course the food! They are funny, spontaneous, passionate - and most-importantly, part of our “family.” Our guides are all licensed by the municipal government, have a higher degree - so in addition to giving you a fun experience, they will impart you with their incredible breadth of knowledge about the art, history and archaeology. L&B Italian Tour guides are at your service and they are waiting to give you the experience of a lifetime.

To be certain your travel goes smoothly, we have an L&B representative in Italy. In the event that your plans change, we are always happy to help and just a call away!


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