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Palatine Gallery and Boboli Gardens - Discovering the most authentic part of Florence - private tour

Palatine Gallery and Boboli Gardens - Discovering the most authentic part of Florence - private tour

Walking across the River Arno brings you to one of Florence's favorite neighborhoods; Oltrarno.  Discover Palatine Gallery, Boboli Gardens, Piazza Santo Spirito, artisan workshops, and galleries.

  3 Hours    TuscanyFlorence   Starting at $185 per person



Duration: Three hours

Type of Service: Palatine Gallery and Boboli Gardens Walking Tour - private tour

There are many sights you can’t miss in Florence—that all happen to be in the Oltrarno!  Just walking across the River Arno brings you to one of our favorite neighborhoods in Florence: the Oltrarno. (The name means “beyond the Arno.”) Discover and explore the Palazzo Pitti, Palatine Gallery, Boboli Gardens and local Florentine artisans shops along the way.

The Palazzo Pitti located just over the Ponte Vecchio from the heart of Florence, a Renaissance-era palace that belonged to Luca Pitti, a Florentine banker; the Medici family bought it in 1549, and it became the ruling family’s main residence.  The palace today is home to the Palatine Gallery, with more than 500 paintings, most from the Renaissance.

Boboli Gardens - At 11 acres, the Boboli Gardens make up one of the biggest public parks in central Florence. Laid out originally in the 16th century, the Boboli Gardens—which are attached to the Palazzo Pitti—are formal gardens, with a twist: They have outdoor sculptures including ancient Roman statues and, most famously, striking Mannerist works, including a grotto that was carved to look as if it was dripping with stalactites, and houses copies of important Renaissance and Baroque works.

Florentine artisans - Florence is known for its artisans—The whole area around the Piazza di Santo Spirito still thrums with artisanal traditions such as bookbinding and handmade marbled paper, mosaics handcrafted from Murano glass, handmade jewelry and more.

Basilica of S. Maria del Santo Spirito - This church, often simply called “Santo Spirito,” might be unassuming-looking from the outside. But it has a serious pedigree: It was designed by Brunelleschi. Yes, the guy behind the dome. Although his facade of the basilica never was completed, the interior, with its Latin cross and 40 side chapels, is fairly true to his original design. The tour will end at a popular cafe in the Piazza.

Things to Know:

  • Get a personalized tour of Pitti Palace and the Boboli Gardens during this private 3-hour excursion in Florence. See the impressive art collections, the architecture, and the lush gardens, accompanied by a private tour guide.
  • See impressive art collections and lush gardens
    Private tour tailored to your interests and entrance fees/skip the line admission included
  • Enjoy a relaxing and beautiful walk inside the garden, rich with flowers, statues, lake, secrets, and viewpoints
  • Tours offered Tuesday - Saturday; morning and afternoon times available 
  • Tour must operate with a minimum of 2 people

Pricing & Booking

The price for the private guided tour is $185 USD per person with skip the line access fees and registration fees for Palatine Gallery and Boboli Gardens. Discounted rates apply for larger groups.  Please inquire with This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The prices listed above are an estimate based on the daily exchange rate with the Euro. Due to the fluctuation in the Euro, the prices are subject to vary by up to 5% (usually a decrease, occasionally an increase). The precise price is confirmed upon booking following the procedures below. Please be sure to review the pricing upon booking.

Booking Procedures and details: Upon hitting the “book now” button, you can choose your date and time, and look over the cancellation policy (terms and conditions), and preview the precise pricing. Once you have entered your details, L&B Italian tours will request your credit card number. We will not charge your credit card until we have confirmed the details for your reservations, this usually happens within 24-48 hours for tours and up to 4 days for trip packages. Once the card is charged your reservation is confirmed. Along with the confirmation, you will get a complete recap of your booking that includes maps, meeting places, times and contact numbers.

Please note: L&B Italian Tours have an on-call operator in Italy, in the event that anything changes or you have problems in Italy, you can contact us easily. 

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