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In Italy the standard Voltage for wall outlets is between 220-240 Volts (US/Canada 110-120). So it’s a little different than what you’re probably used too. Most Outlets in Italy use the standard “Type L” Italian CEI 23-16/VII and if your appliances do not match, you will need to have Travel Plug Adaptor. The Travel Adaptor just changes the end of your appliance plug to match the socket you need to plug into. Now the Adaptor doesn’t change the voltage of the outlet, and really the only way to check and see if your appliance works is to plug it is and try. Most appliances that run on batteries have been built to be compatible with worldwide voltages such as: Laptops, PDAs, Cell phones, Digital cameras and camcorders, music players, Etc. But things such as: hair dryers, curling irons and shavers you should be care and aware of if they are to be plugged in.

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