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Venice Half Day Tours

Venice Half Day Tours

The beautiful city of Venice is a romantic destination in Italy. The intricate network of canals, alleys, bridges, the elegant architecture and gondolas along the waterway is what makes Venice one of the most romantic cities in the world of the most romantic cities in the world. Newlyweds often come to Venice for their honeymoon as the city provides the perfect ambiance for love and togetherness.

You can enjoy the beautiful sights along the waterway and wonder about the significance of the marvelous buildings along the canal. The royal ambiance of the St. Mark’s Square, St Mark’s Basilica and Doge’s Palace will fill you up with amazement. The Venetians Islands of Murano and Burano are a great place to visit while in Venice. The island of Murano is filled with furnaces, glassblowers working in shops and studios molding and shaping swirls of colored glass into spectacular chandeliers, vases, glassware, beads and jewelry. Burano Island is a fishing village known for its handcrafted lace and technicolor houses. Lace in every style is hanging outside the shops along the canals, as you are overwhelmed by the brightly painted houses.

We offer an array of tours and trips, each led by a local expert guide, so can enjoy Doge’s palace, the Grand Canal, Burano and Murano Islands, the Rialto Market, food and wine traditions in Venice’s quaint taverns and cafes. You can also visit the hills north of Venice to learn how the local climate and soil conditions are ideal for the production of Italy’s famous sparkling wine. Meet the winemakers at selected family‐run wineries, and taste the finest Prosecco sparkling wines during expert‐led wine tastings. Venice is a place which you will love to explore. Every day, you will be surprised to find something new about this city. This city is an ideal destination to visit and you will be enthralled by the charm and passion of this city.

2.5 Hours     VenetoVenice  $368.00 for 2 people

See St. Mark’s Basilica and enjoy the sights and sounds of St. Mark’s Square... Read more...

9 Hours     VenetoVenice  $950 for 4 people

 Venice wine tours to the Valpolicella wine region visiting two celebrated wineries.... Read more...

2 hours walking tour/30 minute gondola ride     VenetoVenice  $82 Per Person

You’ll visit the fascinating district of Dorsoduro -  explore the back canals of the city by water. Relax on... Read more...

2.5 Hours     VenetoVenice  $68 Per Person

Explore the unique history of the fascinating Cannaregio district in Venice, home to the Jewish Ghetto, during this semi... Read more...

2 Hours     VenetoVenice  $80 Per Person

Explore Venice's famous landmarks on this early morning walking tour.... Read more...

8 Hours     VenetoVenice  $295 Per Person

 As you Travel to the Prosecco wine producing region of Veneto, visit two estate wineries and cellars Enjoy a lunch... Read more...

2 1/2 hours     VenetoVenice  $142 per person

Visit at least 3 - 4 of the city’s best cicchetti bars to experience Venetian tapas style dishes and explore the Rialt... Read more...

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